Warzone Ressurection! Jaramy się! :D

Najważniejszy news EVER: kolejna firma zabiera się za Warzonka!! :D Kto mnie zna wie że mam absolutnego pierdolca na punkcie tego systemu i niesamowicie mnie ta wiadomość ucieszyła. Narazie mało jest konkretów ale firma ma już swoją stronę i fanpage na fejsie. Na forum Lead Adventure było małe Q&A:

Q. Are the old miniatures making a comeback?
A. No, these are completely new miniatures, with a great effort to bring them in line with modern designs, whilst still keeping in tune with the original artwork which WILL be used again as it hasn't aged like the miniatures.

Q. Who is behind Prodos Games?
A. Some folks from the UK who were big fans of the original game that felt disappointed when the game died. We've worked really hard to get this liscense and it's important we do it justice. We also understand the disappointment that failure could bring customers and every effort is being made to ensure the success of this project, with a modern market being kept in mind at all times.
Jarek Ever and Mark Rapson are the driving force, with a supporting base of friends, including professional Miniature Designers, Rules developers, Graphic Designers and writers. We're a creative group of mates!

Q. What scale will the miniatures be?
A. Heroic 28mm. Modern standard (i.e. GW, Warmachine, Malifaux, Dark Age, Etc)

Q. Can I still use my old miniatures in the new game?
A. Yes indeed, but given the new designs, you won't want to!

Q. What material are the models made of?
A. High Quality Plastic and eventually Resin too, but they are going to be priced accordingly. This is going to make the game very accessible, but still have a 'hobby' aspect rather than pre-painted, collectable (as has recently been attempted with the Mutant Chronicles Liscense).

Q. How will the miniatures be produced?
A. An odd one, but important. These are 3D printed... I know, I know, WHAAAAAT?! But 3D printing looks F*** ugly and the texture is horrible! Well, last year a new printer was developed that creates beatiful, smooth textures in high quality plastic, replicating the 3D sculpt perfectly. Not only are they incredibly cost effective, but the material is still high quality, check out the pictures on the facebook page (you don't have to be a member to view AFAIK).


  1. Moment.. znaczy, że to produkcyjne figurki będą drukować w 3D, a nie tylko prototypy do późniejszego odlewu? Ciekawe...

  2. Może? Chyba do Dropzone Commandera tak robią.

  3. Czyli ceny spadły na tyle, że już się to opłaca. Znaczy, będą zmiany w tym biznesie..

  4. Nosz kurde mam 8 armii do WZ. I co ja teraz zrobię z tą masą figurek :) ??

  5. ....I came buckets. WarZone wraca! Wooo teraz tylko kase składać.


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