Nowe wersje starszych modeli, nowe rendery do MCRPG i inne newsy

Prodos Games zaczął wydawać nowsze (i imho zdecydowanie lepsze!) wersje starszych modeli. Pełny komunikat z facebookowej strony: (więcej fotek pod tekstem)

Warzone Resurrection is going FULL RETAIL!
As many will know Warzone Resurrection was a successful Kickstarter in 2013. Since then Prodos Games has been working away, designing rules, manufacturing models, producing packaging and working with avenues to market.

We are now on the cusp of going ‘full retail’!

We have always wanted to be a reactive company, we try and respond to all the discussions on our forums and Facebook pages. Since our launch we have received a lot of feedback on our models. In the main, people have been very pleased with the level of detail, design and variability of the Warzone Resurrection range. As a new company, we are learning all the time and our sculpting team has evolved and progressed.

At this point in time key feedback we have gathered is our customers want the following:
• Dynamic poses
• Ease of construction
• Variability
• Durability
• Customisable
• Models that reflect the rules and fluff
• Consistent scaling
• Intricate detail

The last three points have been covered since our inception and due to our use of Procast resin it is easy to cut and kit bash models and repose using hot water. We have taken the first four points on board when designing new models. Our most recent releases, such as the Blood Berets, the Trenchers, the Greyhound and the Dragon Riders are not only beautiful sculpts but durable and transportable gaming pieces.

Moving forward
The great thing about the 3D sculpting and manufacturing processes Prodos Games uses are that it is very easy to fix a problem. If we need to tweak a break point so it does not break we can, if we want to repose a model so instead of just standing it is running or hiding we can. If we have to repose so a model can be manufactured on a commercial scale it is doable and when feedback tells us that a model has too many parts we can redesign so it is easier for the modeller to put together.

As such, after nearly two years in some cases, we are revisiting a number of our original sculpts and tweaking them in some cases, redesigning in others. The version 1 models will always stand proudly, shoulder to shoulder with their new version 2 counterparts, will always be playable and, in my case, form a core part of my personal collection.

Version 2 poses for the Capitol Heavy troopers. Responding to feedback, Prodos Games has additionally significantly reduced the number of parts per model. Doing this reduces work for the modeller and allows 5 diverse poses.

In conclusion
A number of squads have been tweaked or redesigned to ensure they meet the key wants of our customers, namely dynamism and intricate details, durability and ease of construction.

The following starter sets will include Version 2 models stated, with immediate effect:

• Cybertronic (Dr. Diana, Chasseurs)
• Brotherhood (Inquistors, Troopers and Judicator).
• Bauhaus (Hussars, Vulcan) (coming soon)

As well as these the following sets will move to Version 2 with immediate effect:
• Heavy Troopers (available at
• Blessed Vestal Laura (available at
• Etoiles Mortant (available at
• Sacred Warriors ((available at
• Valkyries (available at
• Free Marines (coming soon)
• Venusian Rangers (coming soon)
• Juggernauts (coming soon)
• Vulcan (coming soon)
• Hussars (coming soon)

Additionally the model contents of the following Retail Starters will vary from the Version 1 Starters with immediate effect:

• Cybertronic will now include 1x Dr. Diana, 10x Chasseurs and 1x Exterminateur ‘Attilla’ Mk1. Walker.
• Brotherhood will include 2x Inquisitors, 10x Troopers and 1x Judicator.
• Dark Legion will include 2x Necromutant Leaders, 10x Undead Legionnaires and 1x Razide

Natomiast Modiphius pokazał nowe rendery miniaturek do Kronik Mutantów. Przypadkiem akurat pasujące do postaci z naszych sesji :)