Zapowiedź dodatku do WZR

Prodos właśnie ogłosił na fejsie:

"Coming very soon!
This free PDF document will include all you need to build your Warlord. Will you base him on a Blood Beret, a Juggeraut, a Praetorian Stalker or an Inquisitor, or maybe her on an Etoiles Mortant or Valkyrie.
The document also includes rules for 2 Warlord/Lords, 2 Lords, 7 Squad Commander Upgrades, a Support Choice and a Light Vehicle Choice.
Every faction gets some love, so be sure to watch this space find out more.
And Mark Rapson will be joining the boys on Doomtrooper Radio's podcast on Sunday to discuss the document. We can't wait!"

Jaramy się! ;)